Life Renewing Programs

Our programs improve quality of life in underdeveloped societies, helping transform them into healthy, self-sustaining communities. We offer sustainable solutions in six main categories: clean water, fresh milk, food, education, healthcare, and energy.

Fresh, Filtered Water

People need two liters of clean water every day. Our water filtration projects purify contaminated water and make it available in impoverished areas where people have no other access to safe drinking water. Having clean water available not only reduces sickness, it also frees up time that had been spent hauling water from distant locations.

The Global Impact Fund Clean Drinking Water Program seeks to help vulnerable women and children consume clean drinking water every day. Through clean water awareness programs, water testing, health education, and purification processing excellence, the Global Impact Fund saves lives and helps to establish healthy, economical patterns of clean drinking water consumption.

Local experts manage the construction of filtration plants in strategic locations around the world. The first project is located in Karachi, Pakistan—a city of 20 million people where 32,000 die every year from contaminated water.

Pure, Cold Milk

Not only does pure milk contain the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals necessary for good health, but it also represents a business opportunity that can provide employment so people can support their families, enrich their communities, and improve their lives.

The Global Impact Fund milk programs will assist local dairy farmers with distribution education and training, enlarging their markets while maintaining the quality of their product. Making high quality milk available at lower costs reduces incidents of iron-deficiency, anemia, osteoporosis, and hypertension.

Sustainable Food

Fruits, vegetables, livestock, and fish are the basic elements of a comprehensive food program that help people sustain themselves and enrich their communities. Food grown on farms as well as in greenhouses allows year-round production. Global Impact Fund experts from around the world will provide education and oversight to local people as they grow and process food on local farms and in local waterways.


Accessible Education

Education is the fuel that drives our other projects. As people learn the physical and financial benefits of clean water, fresh milk, nutritious food, health initiatives, and alternative energies, they are motivated to participate. As people learn new skills and techniques, they are equipped to improve their own lives and communities. These programs will teach farming techniques, greenhouse development, and fish processing and storage to farmers in Pakistan, Sudan, Northern India, and Kenya, inspiring people to believe that a better life is possible and achievable.

Practical Healthcare

Healthcare projects provide immunizations, nutritional food assessments, and sanitary living conditions for the most vulnerable citizens of poor communities—women and children. Beginning in Karachi, Pakistan, we teach communities how to minimize the transfer of water borne diseases. We partner with local leaders to help the community understand the benefits of vaccinations. Local and western doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers lead these projects and initiatives. By equipping people with knowledge, greater health becomes attainable.

Alternative Energy

Solar power and bio-fuels are two energy sources that allow families in Pakistan, India, and Sudan to power cell phones, lights, household appliances, and other small engines. Alternative energy sources open up new opportunities in poor areas—students are able to study at night; farmers are able to economically irrigate crops; small businesses are able to communicate via cell phone. Local and western electrical engineers and technicians will lead and manage these education projects, giving people the power to improve their lives and increase their economic well-being.