Alternative Energy Program

Alternative Energy Program
Our alternative energy programs improve quality of life in underdeveloped societies, helping transform them into healthy, self-sustaining communities.
Solar power and bio-fuels are two energy sources that allow families in Pakistan, India, and Sudan to power cell phones, lights, household appliances, and other small engines. Alternative energy sources open up new opportunities in poor areas—students are able to study at night; farmers are able to economically irrigate crops; small businesses are able to communicate via cell phone.
Local and western electrical engineers and technicians will lead and manage these education projects, giving people the power to improve their lives and increase their economic well-being.

Flagship Program

Quality of life depends on quality of water. In fact, no civilization or culture can reach it’s full potential without clean water.

What does it take to ensure that clean water is available? Not as much as you might think. To find out more about our water program and our groundbreaking project in Pakistan, visit

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