Practical Healthcare Program

Practical Healthcare Program
Healthcare2.GIFOur practical healthcare programs improve quality of life in underdeveloped societies, helping transform them into healthy, self-sustaining communities.

Healthcare projects provide immunizations, nutritional food assessments, and sanitary living conditions for the most vulnerable citizens of poor communities—women and children. Beginning in Karachi, Pakistan, we teach communities how to minimize the transfer of water borne diseases. We partner with local leaders to help the community understand the benefits of vaccinations. Local and western doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers lead these projects and initiatives. By equipping people with knowledge, greater health becomes attainable.

Flagship Program

Quality of life depends on quality of water. In fact, no civilization or culture can reach it’s full potential without clean water.

What does it take to ensure that clean water is available? Not as much as you might think. To find out more about our water program and our groundbreaking project in Pakistan, visit

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