How To Start A Non Profit Organization

Partnership Platform
Have you ever thought, I have a great idea for a Nonprofit Organization (NPO), but I do not know where to begin?, this is the place to learn.

Global Impact Fund is a fully functioning, IRS recognized Non Profit Organization. One of the goals at Global Impact Fund is to partner with other individuals looking to start their own NPO. We believe the best place to start is helping individuals/groups through the process of creating a legally recognized NPO.

Global Impact Fund is offering 11 different one-hour long webinar classes for $99 that takes an individual, team, or company through the entire NPO registration process. These classes cover the all the pertinent information obtained during the 2 year process it took Global Impact Fund to receive non-profit status.

Seminar Programs
The following highlights 11 different 1-hour long seminar classes that we offer to help you with your non-profit immediately.

1. How to fill out the IRS 1023 to file for tax exempt status.
2. Starting your own business in the US
3. Starting your own business in another country.
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Starting an international affordable drinking water business
6. Starting a not for profit in the US
7. Setting up a business in the US
8. Setting up a business in another country
9. Networking – How to turn one relationship into 1,000.
10. Non profit fundraising 101
11. Raising start up capital

Flagship Program

Quality of life depends on quality of water. In fact, no civilization or culture can reach it’s full potential without clean water.

What does it take to ensure that clean water is available? Not as much as you might think. To find out more about our water program and our groundbreaking project in Pakistan, visit

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