Clean Water Program

Clean Water Program
Our water programs improve quality of life in underdeveloped societies, helping transform them into healthy, self-sustaining communities.


People need two liters of clean water every day. Our water filtration projects purify contaminated water and make it available in impoverished areas where people have no other access to safe drinking water. Having clean water available not only reduces sickness, it also frees up time that had been spent hauling water from distant locations.

The Global Impact Fund Clean Drinking Water Program seeks to help vulnerable women and children consume clean drinking water every day. Through clean water awareness programs, water testing, health education, and purification processing excellence, the Global Impact Fund saves lives and helps to establish healthy, economical patterns of clean drinking water consumption.

Flagship Program

Quality of life depends on quality of water. In fact, no civilization or culture can reach it’s full potential without clean water.

What does it take to ensure that clean water is available? Not as much as you might think. To find out more about our water program and our groundbreaking project in Pakistan, visit

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